Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Aren't dreams the craziest thing? Not the ones that we have while we are sleeping, but the ones that control our life and make us do the things we do. If it weren't for dreams, I wouldn't be in college, I wouldn't play soccer, I wouldn't want to be a teacher, I wouldn't care about God's creation, and I wouldn't want to make a difference in anybody's life (along with other things). I was listening to a song by Barefoot Truth the other day called Roll If Ya Fall. The whole song was about not wanting to live anyone's dreams but your own. When I thought about it, I concluded that our culture sets its self up for us to live someone elses dream. All the sports stars, and TV shows about doctors and lawyers, people searching endlessly for love in all the wrong places and for all the wrong reasons, greed, lust... what are adolescents supposed to think? Money is said to be the root of all evil, with sex in a close second, but they have appeared to become the root of all dreams too. Shame on us. I prefer to do what the lyrics suggest: I'm a cut my strings free, and roll if I fall.