Friday, May 20, 2011

Tuscaloosa Tornado - Day 3

Another work day at Phillip's house. Got the chain saws going and worked on removing some of the smaller branches that have fallen in the yard. In the afternoon, we worked on transplanting some great myrtle trees from Phil's grandparents house up the road. We got the trees out of the ground today, but only got one of them replanted. It was quite difficult to get them out of the ground and it was crazy hot again today. We went back to the church to chill and eat, then headed out into town after dinner. We walked around and enjoyed some of the unique and original sites of Tuscaloosa. We ended up going to some bars and meeting up with some guys Phil grew up with and knew in high school. It was interesting to hear their stories about the tornado and how they were all coping with it as college students at U of A. All in all, besdies some wack karaoke, not much happening in downtown Tuscaloosa on an early, somber, summer night.

Here are some pictures I took of Phil's grandparents house, just so you kinda get an idea of how their neighborhood was effected by the twister:

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