Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuscaloosa Tornado - Day 4 (Last Day)

Last full day in Tuscaloosa. We went back, once again, to Phillip's home to clean up and finish transplanting some trees and bushes from his grandparent's house in the backyard. Here's how it turned out:

I was so great to see it come together a bit at the end. It has been a blessing to meet all of Phil's family and the people of the First United Methodist Church. We've had such a great trip and worked hard (despite the many breaks). The weather has been great, but very hot. So we decided to celebrate on our last day by calling it quits after lunch and taking a trip out to the lake-house that Phil's aunt so graciously offered on Lake Tuscaloosa. I have no documentation, but I watched for 2 hours as Jonathan and Ryan swam to the opposite side of the lake for some cliff jumping. Pretty entertaining.

That night, we went to the original Dreamland BBQ to hang out with all of Phillip's family one last time. A great way to end the trip and fellowship with the team. Thanks for all of those who were praying for the trip, Phillip's family, and the city of Tuscaloosa.

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